Reviews From Our Clients

Joy S in Agility: Our experience has been nothing less than superb! Our dog Forest really enjoys the structured agility classes and he loves his teacher. Marnie Johnson is a pleasure to work with and her expertise, determination and drive to successfully train dogs of all sizes and ages shows through. I would recommend her to everyone no matter how well-trained they think their dog is or isn’t.

Katie M. in Basic Manners: Love it. Our dog has calmed down and is learning several new obedience tricks every week. Can’t wait until we get to the agility class!

TK in Basic Manners: Justice and I enjoyed the class it was very positive. I have had 2 dogs involved with classes and have been thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of both.

B Harris in Agility: Ziggy loves his puppy agility class! It’s really built his confidence and he can’t wait to go!

Cindy S in Agility: I had a rough start – Olive is an especially reactive dog and is often misunderstood. Marnie’s professionalism provided us the assistance to achieve participation in Agility. Olive and I have enjoyed many of the extracurricular activities as well. Olive has grown so with her experience.

Janice B in Agility: The classes are always relaxed and fun. There is encouragement to get Dexter to respond, but not pressure. Marnie is always encouraging and never makes you feel like you or your dog have failed when you struggle to get things correct.

Roberta S in Agility: Was great to watch Mia progress through commands and to interact with other dogs, learning to ignore them and not make that her focus.

Marcie B: My dog, Ginger, gets psyched just pulling in the parking lot. She loves going! And, as an added bonus, I am by default finally learning my left from my right {in Agility}. Thanks Marnie for making it fun.

Sarah S in Basic Manners: We like the small classes because Marnie gets to pay more attention to us.

Elaine H in Basic Manners: Great! Loved the way the focus was on the pet owner! Learned how to train my dog rather than having someone else do it!

Lynne-Marie C from Shy Dog Class: It was a good experience. Skittles was challenged, but not pushed past her comfort zone. She gained a lot of ground during the class, and I enjoyed it as well.

Connie N in Shy Dog Class: The class was great! It has helped Remi and I deal with his shyness and understand it better! Marnie is great! Very caring, helpful and understanding! Remi and I loved the class!

Sara T, in Agility: What a great way for my dog to use his brain and body! Great instruction in a fun atmosphere- good socialization for my somewhat dog tolerant (and somewhat intolerant!) dog in a friendly, controlled situation- we both love it!

Nancy B from Leash Walking: Marnie was patient with me as I learned the “how to’s,” my dog was a much faster learner!

Kristy A from Basic Manners Level 2: It was a lot of fun for both my dog and myself.

Glenda H from Agility: Love the space and the instructor! I’ve been training dogs for 40 years and have attended many classes. These are among the very best!!!

Kandis P: PJ and I both love agility! We learn a lot and have a good time doing it! Marnie is very patient with us and always brushes off our clumsiness with her great laugh. Agility is the high point of our week.

Barbara F from Therapy Dog Class: It was relaxed, fun, and a great learning experience. We had such a good time we asked what we could take next so we could come back right away! Astute, well trained, compassionate, down to earth teacher. The best!

Brian H from Basic Manners: We have been very pleased with Marnie’s knowledge and experience. She manages the classes well and always teaches us a lot. We have attended many classes with different instructors and place Marnie at the top.

Leslie I from Canine Good Citizen Prep class: Louie and I both learn and have fun in class. Our relationship was good to start, but it has improved a lot because of what we’ve learned together. Marnie has knowledge AND a great sense of humor. She makes it fun.

Laura B from Manners Foundation 101: I appreciated this class so much and I know Juan got so much out of it. You [Haley} are such a wonderful teacher and I hope we get to work with you in the future!