Puppy Training Classes

Our Puppy Classes are held at The Paw Market in Longmont, CO

The Canine Fine puppy classes begin to lay the foundation of engagement and communication early. The best time to start training a puppy is when you bring them home. We accept healthy puppies as early as 9 weeks.

Puppy Kindergarten

This class will focus on you and your new puppy communicating with simple cues, the art of shaping, and beginning husbandry to make trips to the vet and grooming more enjoyable. We introduce new sounds and puzzle challenges each week.

Puppy Agility

Puppy Agility will utilize our agility equipment to help your puppy grow and gain confidence. This class is great for a mental and physical workout!

Circuit Pup

Utilizing  FitPAWS and agility equipment we will help your puppy grow and gain confidence throughout their fear periods. You will help them learn body awareness and balance giving you a well-rounded growing puppy. This class is for dogs of all ages form 9 weeks and up.

Puppy Training Classes Longmont Colorado