Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions

What vaccines do you require?

In our adult dog training classes or a drop in event with your dog we require a veterinarian certificate showing proof of due dates for Rabies and Distemper (DHPP). We only need it one time and then updated as needed.

For puppies who have not yet reached their age for Rabies we accept age appropriate vaccines ranging from 6-8 weeks for first and older.

The only times we may not require proof of vaccines would be for a public seminar hosted by someone outside of the training staff.

Do you accept titers?

Yes we do!

Do you allow intact animals in classes?

Yes we do.

What do I do if my bitch comes into season?

Generally we have no issues with bitches in season. We do require they wear pants while in class. Hormones can prevent optimum learning in small cases of dogs but again, we do the human coaching, you train your dog.

What should I bring to class?

For all of our training classes we expect you to bring a minimum variety of 3 different soft dog treats (like pencil erasure size) that your dog loves. It never hurts to toss in a favorite tug toy or bone/frozen kong for class down time.

What type of collar and leash do we need?

Any basic buckle collar, martingale (aka limited slip collar), gentle leader type head halter or harness are all acceptable. We prefer a 6-foot leash. No retractable leashes.

How old does my dog need to be to take class?

You may start as early as 9 weeks (as long as initial vaccines were given at least 7 days prior to class start date) in our Puppy classes.

There are other prerequisites and allowable ages for some classes. Be sure to check the individual class you are interested in attending or call us for more details at (720) 340-4958.

Where are you located?

Canine Fine Dog Training trains indoor group and privates at:

The Paw Market
1830 Boston Ave, Suite D
Longmont, CO 80501

We are located on Boston Ave between Hover and Sunset on the North side of the road.
We also offer in home private training and in public places when applicable.

What do I do if my dog is sick?

Any puppy or dog having diarrhea or vomiting for over 24 hours we ask you keep home from class and contact your veterinarian. If your dog is acting lethargic, or limping are also reasons to keep your dog home. Remember if you don’t feel good you don’t want to work and neither will your dog.

My dog may have kennel cough what do I do?

If you suspect your dog has kennel cough OR your dog has been diagnosed with kennel cough please contact us immediately. We request that you do not return to class until your dog has been cough free for 2 weeks and all medications from your vet are completed. We will definitely work with you regarding any rescheduling necessary.

What is the flooring in your training center?

We have Great Mats interlocking flooring. Super comfy with lots of traction for agility dogs.

How large is your training space?

45’ x 50’ all indoor climate controlled.

Do you have mirrors for dog obedience or conformation practice?

Yes we do!

Do you rent your space out?

Yes. Please call 720-340-4958 and let us know what you need. Individual time is allocated at 30-minute increments and all other rentals will be handled on a case-by-case basis based on need and availability.

Do I need to bring water for my dog?

Not always. If your class is held in our training center we have a dedicated dog water station. If you are participating in our Nosework/Scent classes or off site classes then we do recommend you bring water for your own dog.

Do you recommend group or private training?

Both. But each dog and family team has different goals and needs. You will want to contact us and talk with one of our trainers. In most cases if you aren’t sure, an Initial Consultation will be scheduled to ascertain your goals and expectations.

Can you help me with my dogs leash frustration?

Yes, but we need to have you schedule an Initial Consultation. We would like to get more information, your goals, where the dog is starting and develop a solid modification plan.

Can you help my dog that has separation anxiety and/or biting issues?

No, we do not have the skill set for these type of cases. We do have great network of trainers we can refer to you.

Do you offer dog daycare?

No, but we do offer dog day training. Contact us to discuss your options.

Do you offer make up classes if I have to miss one?

Make up times are on a case-by-case basis. Please talk to us about when you will miss and we will decide what is best. There is an additional charge for private make up time.

I can’t make it to class what do I do?

Please call or email us as soon as you know you will miss class. As long as you notify us of your conflict we will not charge you for missing an open enrollment class. Workshops do not have make up dates but we can offer private training in these cases.

What do you do about inclement weather I don’t want to drive in?

We will do our best to email clients if we will be closing due to weather in a timely fashion. See below for our general winter policy.

Winter Weather Policy

We will cancel class if we feel the need at least 2 hours prior to class being held. (ie 5pm class will be cancelled no later then 3pm) Cancellations will be emailed to client and SOMETIMES posted on both facebook pages The Paw Market (if store is closing and Canine Fine). We do ask that client responds back to email cancellation so we know you got it if not we will try to contact via telephone.

If we are holding class and CLIENT CHOOSES not to drive for a Single Class Session you will not lose class. If in a Workshop, we will assess any other absences and possibly offer a make up – it will be on a case-by-case basis at trainer’s discretion. No refunds are available.

If Paw Market closes due to weather or illness, we will reschedule at no charge classes, workshops and private training.

What is a clicker and do I have to use one if you work with my dog and me?

We do believe in clicker training and encourage our students to give it a try. So much so that is a huge chunk of our Orientation class – the prerequisite for all new clients.

An alternative to the clicker that works about 1/3 as well (but is better than no marker at all) is to have a verbal marker that acts just like the click. The benefit of the clicker over a verbal marker is that the timing is better. We do move off of the clicker when the dog knows the behavior. For more information on the clicker mechanics class, click here.

Can my child come to class?

We encourage all family members to be involved. It helps build strong relationships with the dog and family. We ask that children under 7 years of age only come to watch and listen but not participate. We allow 2 handlers with the dog at one time in-group classes or everyone in private training. The 2 in-group classes may ‘tap out’ with another family member during our mid-class brain break.

For our liability, if your child needs to come and is under the age of 7, another adult will need to supervise them during class in our lobby.

What is your cancellation policy?

Click Here.