Dog Agility Classes

Our Dog Agility Classes are held at The Paw Market in Longmont, CO

Dog Agility is a wonderful sport, reinforcing obedience and engaging your dog physically while continually building the dog/handler communication. It’s also a great confidence-builder for more timid dogs. The Paw Market caters their agility toward non-competitive pet owners but often have some competitive beginners among the group. Agility is an option for any dog and handler who wants to experience something new with their dog.

Agility 101A

This dog agility foundation 4-week workshop level covers handler skills and building communication for agility with your dog. How to utilize toys and food for drive, body awareness and specific skills the team needs to be successful on agility equipment. For dogs 6 months and up.

Agility 101B

A second 4-week workshop will cover teaching your dog how to safely negotiate all obstacles in agility (minus teeter and weaves). For dogs 8 months and older.

Agility 102

Now that you and your dog have mastered the core obstacles and foundation handling, it’s time to work on your course handling skills, and introduce the weaves. Simple sequences (combinations of equipment) are completed off-leash, as you both develop more skills working through different agility courses.

Agility 103

Continuing with skills such as serpentines, threadles, front and rear crosses plus reading a course. This class will prepare you for our full recreational-style dog agility courses. Through this level your dog will have almost mastered weave poles.

Agility 104

We continue to focus on obstacle discrimination, while introducing distance and directional cues. Your dog is now running straight weave poles with focus and confidence. You can read a course and explain what handling choices will make your team successful. We are now running 7-12 sequence courses. It will test your memory!

Agility Beyond

This ongoing skills and drills class will keep you and your dog challenged each week, honing your skills and just plain having fun among like-minded dog agility enthusiasts.

Agility Club

Put your skills into action! For teams that have completed Agility 103 we’ll set up a full dog obstacle course each week. You’ll compete against your classmates, to see who completes the course in the quickest time, with the least amount of faults. Walk the course, plan your attack and have fun!